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หัวข้อ : Choose wooden floor to want to consider factor
Choose wooden floor to want to consider factor 6 เดือน, 1 สัปดาห์ ก่อน  
Choose wooden floor board from why to do it? Choose wooden floor to want what to factor consider? Listen tfloor to choose the experience that amounts to factitious everybody to bring together, what factor considers when seeing them choose wooden floor board.
1. considers your residential area
Want to consider the size of your residence above all when you choosfloor board, undertakfew basic measurement, if you are bought with residential area or slightly little word can causfew needless troubles, europe group is small make uproposal to buy more than be being measured actually left and right sides.
2. should consider real value
This price includes the price of the floor of your choose and buy not only, return the cost that Lv of take an examination installs, the laid installation of the floor also imeticulous and trival working procedure. Different laid position also can have different price, method of the quality of the lumber that so this price chooses by you, lumber, laid decides jointly.
The capable person that 3. wants to considefloor is qualitative
The design and color of all sorts of lumber, price is not same, all sorts of characteristic and comprehensive considerations that want integrated lumber when choosing board become you respecting hardwood floor, what you may think of is oak above all. Oak ivery welcome choice, but the lumber that did not forget to want to consider other type, still have design and color olot of other the lumber with differ, differ price, avoid by all means picks the price blindly expensive or some is 1fold breed and take no account of other, should choose to suit 1self residential style truly.
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