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หัวข้อ : the clean method of multilayer real wood floor
the clean method of multilayer real wood floor 6 เดือน ก่อน  
As the rapid development of nowadays times, everybody is right life character the demand of each respect is higher and higher also, from this, multilayer in the family that solid Mudebanye blended in much, but how to do ability to let his does the floor maintain the wood in the home bright, clean?
Ke Fei introduces simply for everybody below multilayer when real wood floor saves again quick clean method:
Multilayer real wood floor can use wet mop to undertake cleanness directly unlike floor tile, and real wood floor of Ke Fei should be used twist dry dishcloth to undertake wiping, the humidity that remembers rag does not want too big lest damp is hiding from aperture, add in the humidity of wooden floor.
The clean, cleanness that retainfloor board at ordinary times does not take sand best, should come via commonly used cleaner so adsorptive rubbish, avoid long hind hard clean.
Choose floor cleaner reasonably, for instance clean lavatory spirit, kitchen goes fat dose is no good.
In encounter drug to scatter come out to want to remember be being handled in time clean.
Conditional can wax the company comes to serve technically please, undertake real wood floor waxes regularly, ensure its bright and clean degree.
Local face plate is inadvertent corrupt occupy should keep clear of in time, if smeary and usable dishcloth dips in,warm water touchfew washing powder to swab, if medicaments or dye, if try before woodiness surface layer,must keep clear of in smear end ooze.
The floor avoids to be contacted for long with water as far as possible, cannot contact with hot water especially, once hot water is scattered in the ground,go up accordingly, want to be wiped in time.
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